Hourly-based employees timekeeping for sponsored programs

Hourly-based employees timekeeping for sponsored programs

Mar 28, 2011

Question:  Do current time records for hourly-based pay charges to sponsored programs meet the requirements for effort certification without additional annual effort certifications?

Answer:  Operating staff, adjunct hourly (formerly nonstatus hourly), and students are paid based on hours. There is more than one time reporting system at UNH for these employees and while these meet the needs of submitting hours for pay they do not all satisfy the University policies and Federal requirements for effort certification. Operating staff with pay from sponsored programs currently certify effort annually, for the fiscal year, by September 30.

UNH has multiple methods for employees to submit time depending on the type of position and the methods implemented by the department.

  • UNH OS Timesheet – Excel form maintained by UNH HR.  OS who do not use Web Time Entry (WTE) use this or a similar Excel time report. This report is an exception report and does not provide sufficient information to stand alone as an effort certification.
  • Banner WTE – hourly employees in departments where WTE has been implemented report hours worked, not just exceptions, and the report contains a certification statement with sponsored programs identified, therefore WTE meets the requirements for effort certification.
  • USNH Hourly Timesheet – used by adjunct hourly and student employees to submit hours for pay, includes a certification statement for sponsored programs and identifies sponsored programs where the employee has worked. This report meets the requirements for effort certification.

Operating staff paid from sponsored programs will need to continue to certify effort annually until the Banner WTE is implemented throughout UNH departments. Administrative and Clerical Compensation is normally charged indirectly to sponsored projects through the university's federally negotiated facilities and administrative (F&A) cost rate. (I.e., the cost of administrative and clerical services is normally not allowed as a direct charge to sponsored programs.)  However, in extraordinary circumstances (and with SPA approval), such compensation and associated fringe benefits may be charged directly to a sponsored agreement.

You may contact David Browning (2-0609 or david.browning@unh.edu) with questions.

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