JZRO Rule Code - Cost Transfer Procedures

JZRO Rule Code - Cost Transfer Procedures

Mar 28, 2011

USNH Financial Services provided guidance to all Banner Finance users on appropriate use of the JZRO journal voucher rule code for recording cost transfers (message to Banner Finance users on May 13, 2010). This is a reminder on the appropriate use of this journal rule code affecting grant funds.

JZRO journal documents are zero $ transactions used to change the accounting distribution on pcard or invoice documents.  These entries may cross fiscal years for grant funds. These entries are initiated in the BSC.

Required JZRO documentation:

  1. in the line text note the source document (invoice # or pcard #) and the source document transaction date (invoice date or pcard source date)
  2. indicate why the change is necessary in the document text
  3. indicate approval by SPA in the document text

Note that JZRO’s applied to grant funds (fund types P1 and P2) represent cost transfer entries. Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) prior approval is required for all UNH cost transfer entries made more than 90 days after the original invoice or pcard transaction date. When a transaction is originally recorded in an undistributed fund as an expense the 90 day “clock” begins. Please refer to the UNH cost transfer policy in the OLPM http://www.usnh.edu/olpm/UNH/VIII.Res/R.htm.  SPA prior approval is required for cost transfers resulting in a change to a sponsored program fund involving foreign travel, domestic travel, equipment, fabricated equipment, transfers after 90 days, and transfers removing a bottom line deficit.

You may contact David Browning (2-0609 or david.browning@unh.edu) with questions.

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