The Instrumentation Center Move

The Instrumentation Center Move

Hi All,

With the Renovations of Parsons Hall, comes the moving of equipment as well as labs and offices.

As time permits I (John Wilderman Manager) will be updating this page to chronical our move in the Instrumentation Center.

 Monday November 14th, 2011

Bill and I moving the ImagerThis is Bill Armstrong and I after getting the 400 MRI/Solids in place.

Tuseday November 15th, 2011

Joe bring down the 400This is Joe from Praxair bring the field of the 400 down.


 Thursday November 17th, 2011

400 going to fieldThis is the 400 being brought back to field.


Flo-CytometerThe Flo-Cytometer in its new location in W118 moved in and setup November 22nd, 2011







Bill and I movingBill and I moving more items down from the old lab.

Our new instrument room W118

New Lab 1         New Lab 2

500 placement

The 500MHz NMR being positioned in new NMR facility December 02nd, 2011 500 placement 2

500 energizing 500 fillThe 500 being energized and kept cool.


December 13th, 2011

All moved in and setup NMR room after move  Instrument room after move


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