Hiring Process for Research Faculty

Hiring Process for Research Faculty

From the UNH Research Faculty Policy Guide: Employment and Benefits Policies Guidance for UNH Research Faculty


See: Office of the Provost Hiring Procedures & Forms      http://www.unh.edu/provost/hiring-procedures-forms
(Non tenure-track renewable appointments)


  • Chair requests verbal approval from Dean.

  • Dean will direct hiring department chair to consult with the Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer (VP&CDO) before beginning the hiring process within the college or school to draft and confer on the position description and to present a preliminary department Recruitment and Hiring Plan of Action for the identified position.

  • Search Chair and Committee will confer with the Director of Affirmative Action and Equity (DAAE) to discuss affirmative action goals and compliance with laws and policies governing the hiring process.

  • Faculty hiring information is obtained from the Academic Affairs web site:
        Faculty Resources - Hiring Procedures: http://www.unh.edu/provost/hiringprocedures.html

  • Chair forwards Request to Advertise form to Dean for written approval.

  • Dean forwards written approval to Human Resources.

    • For Clinical Faculty, approval by Provost is necessary.

    • For Research Faculty, approvals by the Senior Vice Provost for Research and Provost are necessary.

    • For Lecturer (renewable appointment), approval by Dean is necessary.

  • All paid employment advertising for UNH is placed by Human Resources.  A copy of any posting composed for direct mailing to other institutions or intended for submission to any free Internet sites must be provided to Human Resources for the advertising file.  Faculty advertisements must include title, duties, minimum qualifications, application deadline or initial review dates, and the Affirmative Action statement.

  • Affirmative Action and Equity Office will provide an Employment Data Form (EDF) to the search chair.  The search chair must insure the EDF is sent to all applicants unless the USNH on-line process is used.

  • When finalists are identified, search chair will forward to the Dean the completed Faculty Selection Form Part I (Search) to include (1) the list of finalists and their demographic information, with a brief rationale as to why each was chosen; (2) a list of all applicants with rationale for not advancing them in the search process, paying particular attention to women and minorities; and (3) resumés of all finalists, women and minorities.

  • The Dean will sign the Faculty Selection Form Part I (Search) and forward it, with the resumés of finalists, women, and minorities, to the DAAE.  The DAAE will review the selected finalists and contact the search chair with approval to proceed with final airport and/or campus interviews.  INTERVIEWS CANNOT BE CONDUCTED WITHOUT APPROVAL OF THE DAEE.

  • Interviews are conducted.

  • Hiring department makes recommendation to Dean regarding appointment.

  • Dean makes offer to finalist contingent upon satisfactory background check.

  • When offer is accepted, W-4 and I-9 forms must be completed by the faculty member.

  • After offer is accepted, Search Chair sends completed and signed Faculty Selection Form, Part II (Decision) to the Dean for signature.  The Dean will forward the signed form to the DAAE who will sign the Faculty Selection Form and forward it to Human Resources.

  • A copy of the offer letter signed by the hiring official and the selected candidate and the completed W-4 and I-9 forms are forwarded to the BSC for processing.

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Employment and Benefits Policies Guidance for UNH Research Faculty

Updated 2/10/16


In all cases, the actual UNH and USNH policies and official procedures will prevail.  Such policies and procedures are subject to change.

The language in this document does not pertain to faculty in the collective bargaining unit.

As questions arise,
Research Faculty should contact
their unit’s chief financial officer
(Business Service Center [BSC] director)

List of BSC directors


For more information and resources, visit the Research Faculty Council webpage


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