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Broadening Participation in Research

The UNH Research, Economic Engagement and Outreach Office and the Graduate School are offering a three-part Broadening Participation in Research series this fall.  Topics explored will include why creating a diverse lab is important, strategies to diversify your lab and create a more inclusive environment, and strategies to expand the reach of your work through engagement with the broader UNH community. A downloadable flyer with full series information is available here. Slides, videos, and other resources are available here.

When: Fall semester 2021
Where: Virtual

How to apply: RSVP to each session of interest:

Broadening Participation: Introduction
Tuesday, September 14, 2021
This introductory session will discuss why creating a diverse lab is important to furthering your research, to the university, and to federal funding agencies.
     *Overview of literature establishing importance of diversity in research
     *Overview of UNH DEI goals
     *Overview of Broader Impacts/ Broadening Participation goals at NSF and similar programs at other funding agencies

Broadening Participation Through Engagement
Tuesday, November 09, 2021
The second of the three-part series on broadening participation, this session will focus on expanding the reach of your work through engagement with the broader community. Partners from UNH Extension, UNH student organizations, and the grad school will discuss opportunities to reach diverse groups of current and potential future students as well as ways to further disseminate the results of your research to a broader audience.  
     *Student support resources at UNH
     *Potential pipeline orgs in NH and beyond

Broadening Participation through Mentoring
Thursday, December 2, 2021
The third of the three-part series on broadening participation, this session will focus on strategies to diversify your lab and create a more inclusive environment. A panel of UNH researchers will share their experiences using grant funding to grow and diversify their labs.  This session will cover:
     *Advice on simultaneously addressing funding agency BP goals and your lab’s goals
     *Discuss existing partnerships w/ other institutions for recruiting
     *Resources to support UNH mentors

For more information: Contact Michael Thompson


Department of Energy (DoE) Early Career Research (ECR) Program

UNH’s DoE ECR support program begins with an information session for eligible untenured, tenure-track assistant or associate professors with no more than 10 years beyond the Ph.D., working in areas of interest to DoE’s Office of Science.  The session includes an overview of the Program, pre-application requirements, and resources available for pre-application assistance.  A subsequent session covers how to write a competitive DoE ECR full application.  Individual assistance is available to UNH faculty applicants from a former DoE program manager.

When: Fall semester
Where: Via Zoom

How to apply: RSVP to announcement distributed in the late fall
For more information: Contact Lynnette Hentges


This UNH program for pre-tenure, tenure-track faculty considering submitting an NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) proposal. It consists of workshops, seminars, cohort conversations, and one-on-one assistance from January through late-July. Research and Large Center Development (RLCD) staff and guest speakers deliver content about the strategies to structure and integrate research and education plans, to develop broader impacts activities, partnerships, and program officer relationships, and to craft proposal components. Assistance is provided by RLCD staff with extensive experience with NSF and the CAREER program.

The 2022 schedule is as follows:

Jan 14, 2022 NSF CAREER Program Overview
Jan 28, 2022  Research and Education Plans
Feb 18, 2022 Broader Impacts and Partnerships
Mar 04, 2022 Project Evaluation and Assessmen
Mar 25, 2022  Other Proposal Components
April 8, 2022 Developing a Relationship with NSF Program Officers
Slides, videos, and other resources, when available, can be found on the WorkShop Resources page.

For more information: Contact Lynnette Hentges


The University Program to Support Competitive Applications to the National Institutes of Health (UP-2-NIH) is a UNH program designed to help participants develop the skills necessary to compete successfully for funding by the National Institutes of Health, resulting in an increase in the number and competitiveness of applications submitted by UNH faculty, and ultimately, an increase the number of NIH awards to UNH. 

Faculty at any career level with a clearly-defined, NIH-appropriate project idea apply during the summer for UP-2-NIH consideration. Selected participants attend nine 3-hour workshops from September through April and develop their applications, aiming for NIH submissions within 1 year of program completion. Program hallmarks include cohort interactions, external mentorship, and intensive support from the Research and Large Center Development Office through curated and UNH-developed resources and personalized assistance from staff with extensive experience with NIH.

The program is ongoing for AY21-22. It is planned to offer it again in AY23-24.

For more information: Contact Lynnette Hentges or Mark Milutinovich

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