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Department of Energy Early Career Research Program

UNH’s program provides information, strategies, and proposal writing assistance for untenured tenure-track assistant or associate professors, no more than 10 years beyond the PhD, who are working in areas of interest to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science and are interested in applying to DOE’s Early Career Research Program.

An information is held shortly after the new funding announcement is released. A second session, held shortly after the preproposal submission deadline, covers how to write a competitive full application.

How to apply: RSVP to announcement distributed in the late summer (or as soon as DOE releases funding opportunity announcement)
For more information: Contact Kathy Cataneo

Making Your NSF CAREER Proposal Count

This program helps eligible, untenured, tenure-track faculty assess readiness and appropriateness to apply for the National Science Foundation’s prestigious Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) and then provides extensive training and proposal writing support throughout the spring semester to prepare for submission in July

The program consists of workshops and seminars held from January through May. Research Development Office staff and guest speakers/ panelists deliver content about the strategies for structuring and integrating research and education plans, assessment and evaluation, broader impacts, developing program officer relationships, peer review, and crafting other proposal components.  

Other “Counts” highlights include internal mentors, a day trip to NSF, a writing-only day in May, and external technical draft proposal reviews.

How to apply: RSVP to announcement distributed during the fall semester
For more information: Contact Kathy Cataneo

Proposal Development for Humanities and the Fine and Performing Arts Faculty Scholarship

Offered as a pilot in 2017-2018, this program provided a group of 2nd and 3rd year faculty selected by the COLA dean’s office with advice and strategies for framing and articulate scholarly goals as fundable ideas, as well as for finding appropriate funding opportunities and crafting competitive proposals.

How to apply: If offered again, COLA dean’s office will contact individually
For more information: Contact Kathy Cataneo


PUSH USDA helps researchers and extension staff position themselves to be competitive for U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant programs, particularly those offered by the National Institute of Nutrition and Agriculture (NIFA).

Two ½-day January sessions — Finding Your Place at the USDA and Preparing a Competitive Proposal to the USDA — include both lectures and writing activities.

Participants become familiar with the mission, priorities, organizational structure, and competitive grant programs of the USDA; assess their readiness to apply; learn best practices for developing relationships with Program Area Priority Contacts; practice using the USDA Letter-of-Intent framework to map their proposals; and learn strategies for writing for success.

How to apply: RSVP to announcement distributed during the fall semester or from Master Calendar posting
For more information: Contact Lynnette Hentges


UP-2-NIH promotes competitive applications to the National Institutes of Health by researchers at any career level whose research activities are in the biomedical or behavioral sciences.

UP-2-NIH is offered in different formats in alternating years:

Seminar Format (2018-2019)

Seminars will be presented by Research Development Office staff and faculty covering the fundamentals of working with NIH, and experiences applying for and managing research grants (R01), Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) grants (R15), small research grants (R03),  exploratory/developmental research grants (R21), and the Outstanding Investigator/ Maximizing Investigator's Research Award (R35).

Oct 10, 2018: NIH Fundamentals
Nov. 2, 2018: AREA (R15)

How to apply: RSVP to announcements distributed during the fall and spring semesters or from Master Calendar posting
For more information: Contact Kathy Cataneo

Intensive Format (2019-2020)

Selected participants attend monthly 3-hour workshops and seminars from September through May, aiming for NIH submissions within 6 months of program completion.  Program hallmarks include internal and external mentorship, external mentor campus visits, travel to an NIH Regional Seminar, and stipends upon NIH application submission. 

How to apply: Faculty at any career level are nominated by department chairs in late spring, and apply during the summer for UP-2-NIH consideration
For more information:  Contact Kathy Cataneo

Contact Information

Kathy Cataneo
Director, Research Development
Phone: (603) 862-0357

Lynnette Hentges
Senior Associate, Research Development
Phone: (603) 862-2002

Michael Thompson
Senior Associate, Research Development
Phone: (603) 862-5255