Compliance & Safety

Compliance and safety are integral to the responsible conduct of research, and are vital components of rigorous research conducted according to professional and institutional standards. 

Compliance and Safety Programs

An Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees vertebrate animal care and use and an Animal Resources Office (ARO) provides technical support, training, veterinary services and assistance.  More

Ethical and legal responsibilities to protect individuals involved as subjects in research conducted.  More

To ensure the ethical and safe conduct of research and scholarly activity and actively promote integrity in research and scholarship.  More

Maintaining a safe and healthy University environment and achieve excellence through leadership, oversight, stewardship and services.  More

Conduct that embodies the standards of honesty, respect, accuracy and fairness, and others that promote trust and collaboration, are fundamental to the integrity of scholarly activity.  More

When professional actions or decisions are influenced by personal considerations, or when external activities interferes with professional responsibilities.  More

Research data serves as a record of the investigation, forms the basis on which conclusions are made and
enables the reconstruction of procedures and protocols.  More

The use, storage and disposal of controlled substances used for campus research, scholarly activity, and analytical purposes.  More

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 established national standards for the privacy and security of electronic health care transactions and records.  More

Regulations require access to certain technologies be restricted with Control intended to serve various national objectives and interests.  More