Current Projects:

Charntikov & Students

Neural Pathways Underlying Learning with Nicotine Stimulus

Cultured Mouse Astrocytes

cAMP Signaling in Neuronal Primary Cilia

Lab Work in Action

Development of a Point-of-Care Metabolomic Diagnostic Sensor Towards Identification of Major Depressive Disorder

Design Principles

Design Principles of Microporous Polymeric Scaffolds for Material-Tissue Integration

The CIBBR team

CIBBR Project Leads

L-R: Xuanmao Chen, Kyung Jae Jeong, Jeffrey M. Halpern, Edward Song, Sergios Charntikov

Lab Work in Action

Implantable Sensor Array for In Vivo Real-Time Monitoring of Multiple Neurotransmitters

Pilot Projects:

Sherine Elsawa

Role of GLI3 in mediating innate immunity


Development of Gdf-1 as a Ceramide-Regulating Therapeutic for Acute Myeloid Leukemia


Role of STAT3 in Advanced Ovarian Cancer


The essential bromodomain proteins TgBDP1 and TgBDP2 regulate transcription in Toxoplasma gondii


Toward the inhibitor-bound structures of Regulators of G-protein Signaling Proteins

Past Projects:

allosteric signaling receptor

Multiscale computational approaches for allosteric targeting of signaling receptors