RCC & The Atlantic Deepwater Ecosystem Observatory Network

RCC & The Atlantic Deepwater Ecosystem Observatory Network

Nov 01, 2017

The Atlantic Deepwater Ecosystem Observatory Network (ADEON) for the U.S. Mid- and South Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf is currently being developed and is anticipated to be deployed late in the autumn of 2017.  The lead P.I. for this project is Dr. Jennifer Miksis-Olds, University of New Hampshire (UNH).  Dr. Miksis-Olds leads a collaborative research team consisting of individuals from UNH, OASIS, TNO, JASCO, Stony Brook University, and NOAA.

The Research Computing Center (RCC) is part of this project through its data management activities.  This month we spotlight RCC staff member Theresa Ridgeway who is serving as the project’s Data Manager.  An Intergroup Data Access Framework has been established for the ADEON project team.  The framework’s data server is housed within RCC’s Lenharth Data Center, a secure, climate controlled facility located on the UNH campus. The data served includes raw data from the ADEON network and products created by the team through data analysis. RCC is also collaborating with the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) on archival processes and ISO 19-115 metadata compliance for this data to ensure its long-term availability to the public and the scientific community. 

The ADEON project began in 2016. Terry says that “the team’s enthusiasm for the project encourages me to do well.” She also manages the project’s website providing project content and updates.  Terry finds the management of the project’s big data [estimated at 245 TB by project end] to be, “…. like a puzzle, challenging and fun to work with ….”.   ADEON is a fascinating endeavor and UNH RCC is excited to be a part of it. To learn more visit https://adeon.unh.edu/.

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