Comprehensive Research Integrity Resources are Just a Click Away

Comprehensive Research Integrity Resources are Just a Click Away

Sep 07, 2017
Responsible Conduct of Research and dictionary entry for "learn"

Last year the UNH Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and Scholarly Activity Committee released the UNH RCR Library Guide. This RCR library guide (often referred to as a LibGuide) joins a host of other UNH library guides that provide information on general topics (e.g., Data Toolkit at UNH, Scholarly Communication and Open Access) as well as those developed for specific courses

Each of the topic pages (listed in the left-hand menu) in the UNH RCR Library Guide contains the following information:

  • Contact information for a key person at UNH
  • Information about any relevant UNH board/committee
  • A link to UNH’s Web-based instructional module on the topic
  • An In the News section featuring current stories/blog posts/articles about the topic
  • A variety of resources, sorted by type ~ key documents, federal, UNH, academic, general, YouTube, cases, and books.  (At this time, not all topics have resources in all these listed categories).
  • Links to relevant articles in the PLOS Ten Simple Rules Collection

The RCR Library Guide is a work in progress, and new resources are added weekly.  If you know of a resource that you think appropriate to be added, please email Julie Simpson in UNH Research Integrity Services.

The UNH RCR Library Guide was tweeted out by the US DHHS Office of Research Integrity (ORI) as an “excellent resource for RCR materials.

The new RCR Library Guide is the latest in a series of research ethics resources developed and hosted by the RCR Committee.  They include the following:

For more information about the UNH RCR Library Guide or the UNH RCR Program, please contact Julie Simpson in Research Integrity Services (603/862-2003).


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