UNH Instrumentation Center 3D Workshop: A Great Success!

UNH Instrumentation Center 3D Workshop: A Great Success!

Jan 13, 2015
Black fly wing image used to develop 3D model

On January 7th and 8th, the University Instrumentation Center (UIC) at the University of New Hampshire hosted a free workshop to demonstrate the 3D capabilities of their Tescan Lyra scanning electron microscope (SEM).  This two day workshop was attended by engineers and scientists from a variety of manufacturing, research, and testing service organizations including UNH, a high tech material science company, an injection molding company, several analytical laboratories and several major manufacturing companies.  The workshop demonstrated the latest and greatest 3D imaging capabilities available today and a preview of cutting-edge techniques still in development including the creation of a 3D model of an insect wing.

This workshop was a collaborative effort between the UIC, Tescan USA, and EMSL Analytical Inc. and is an example of how the UIC is working to connect industrial companies and the university with the latest and greatest tools for researchers and external businesses to help solve problems or expand their capabilities.

Multiple demonstrations of the Tescan Lyra capabilities were conducted using virtual and direct interaction with participants who joined in from multiple locations across the US via www.GOTOMEETING.com.

Day one of the workshop included both presentations and hands-on demonstrations while on the second day we encouraged participants to bring their own samples for evaluation and personal consultation.  Fracture analysis, material and contaminate characterization, and assessment of microstructure features were just a few of the analyses performed.  Participants were pleased to be provided with immediate results and to gain first-hand knowledge of the analysis process.  

Attendees were introduced to stereo imaging, 3D reconstruction and a cutting-edge technique allowing for 3D scanning and modeling of tiny objects.  A highlight of the event was a demonstration in which a black fly wing was imaged 360 degrees and the images were reconstructed into a 3D manipulate-able model.  Other demonstrations included an introduction to Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and 3D Tomography:  techniques useful in many different fields.
Edax 3D Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) were also profiled in this workshop.  Participants observed how the tool can look at microstructures of materials, provide complete characterization of grain boundaries, and correlate grain orientations with microstructural features in three dimensions.

The UIC will provide additional workshops that are beneficial to researchers, engineers and scientists.  Please go to www.UNH.edu/UIC or email uic.info@unh.edu for more information about our capabilities and upcoming events. 

Shawn Banker

Director, University Instrumentation Center - UNH

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