Congratulations to RCC’s Student Technical Writer

Congratulations to RCC’s Student Technical Writer

Apr 28, 2014

RCC’s student technical writer, Alicia O’Brien, along with Christopher Len and Kyle Ireland, won the top prize at the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium (ISES).  The ISES, held on April 23rd, was part of the 2014 Undergraduate Research Conference.

Alicia’s team took home first place in the Computer Science – Application category with their project titled, “Pac Help Application”.  Here’s how the team summarizes their project:

“The PAC (Programming Assistance Center) Help App assists students in receiving help more efficiently from consultants and helps the administrator(s) keep track of the daily activity in the PAC.  Students use the web application to request assistance from a consultant. When requesting help, a student is able to provide an optional brief description of the problem to help the consultant know ahead of time if it is something they can help with.  Consultants use the web application to keep track of which student is next in line to receive assistance. This application is deployed in the PAC(N216) as well as N218 in Kingsbury Hall. The PAC Help App will reduce wait times of students while creating a more fair system in which students can receive help, improving the PAC experience for both the students and the consultants.”

From all of us at RCC, congrats Alicia!

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