Staff Spotlight: Rob Anderson

Staff Spotlight: Rob Anderson

Dec 02, 2013

Rob Anderson is RCI’s Associate Director and the manager of the Data Management and Support group.  He’s been with Research Computing for over 20 years, beginning as a student operator in 1985.  Rob received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UNH, and in 1990 he became a Research Computing Center staff member.

Rob divides his time at RCI between project management and software development.  He recently developed SheepDog, a data center monitoring system, for the Lenharth Data Center.  It monitors the servers and their environment, notifying staff of potential problems and, if need be, conducting systematic safe shut-downs of machines.  His professional specialties include Python, Perl, database, web, and cross-platform.  Rob has served as a PAT Council member and as the Chair of the Seacoast Linux Users Group.

In his free time, Rob enjoys spending time with his family, touring on his motorcycle, hiking, camping, and floating down the Saco River.  Rob can be reached at 603-862-3489 or

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