Resources for Mentoring International Postdoctoral Researchers

Resources for Mentoring International Postdoctoral Researchers

Oct 02, 2013

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has developed a series of video vignettes and a discussion guide addressing a variety of challenges facing international postdoctoral researchers.  These include visa delays, language barriers, and cultural biases.  The resources are designed to increase awareness and assist faculty when mentoring international postdocs by:

  • Identifying and addressing specific issues related to training international postdocs
  • Creating awareness and sensitivity to cultural issues that may affect the success and performance of international postdocs
  • Improving mentor skills and competencies in problem areas
  • Outlining clearly defined mentor and postdoc roles and responsibilities
  • Providing case studies/real-life scenarios that illustrate positive mentoring practices, different mentoring styles and approaches to resolving conflict

Additional mentoring resources are available from the Office of Research Integrity, an office in the US Department of Health and Human Services.

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