UNH Says "Thanks" to Its Post-docs During National Postdoc Appreciation Week, Sept. 16-20

UNH Says "Thanks" to Its Post-docs During National Postdoc Appreciation Week, Sept. 16-20

Sep 16, 2013

This week UNH joins other research universities across the U.S. in celebrating National Postdoc Appreciation Week, Sept. 16-20. There are more than 30 postdoctoral fellows working in various research programs on the UNH campus, from the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space to the Carsey Institute, from biological sciences to the Counseling Center. 

Postdocs are scientists who have recently earned their Ph.D. and work full-time on research under the mentorship of established faculty members. Postdocs use this time to build experience, expand their scholarly portfolios, and develop the skills in grant writing and managing research projects that prepare them for independent careers in academe, industry, and/or government. They write manuscripts for publication in professional journals and submit their own competitive grant applications to external sponsors.

Postdocs contribute to the university’s educational mission by mentoring undergraduate and graduate students to become successful researchers in their own right.

Please take time this week to recognize the postdocs in your lab, down the hall from you, or in your center or institute and join me in applauding their many contributions to the overall mission at the University of New Hampshire.

                Jan Nisbet, Senior Vice Provost for Research

Postdoc Appreciation Week is a program of the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA), a member-driven non-profit organization that provides a unique, national voice for postdoctoral scholars.

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