Recent Developments for the UNH Chemical Environmental Management System (UNHCEMS)

Recent Developments for the UNH Chemical Environmental Management System (UNHCEMS)

Sep 09, 2013

UNHCEMS is the result of collaboration between RCI and the UNH Department of Environmental Health and Safety.   It’s an application that serves as a solution to maintaining chemical safety and compliance.  UNHCEMS offers:

  • Chemical inventory tracking
  • A biological inventory
  • Hazardous waste tracking
  • A documentation archive
  • Emergency response
  • A radioactive usage log
  • A NFPA door sign creation tool
  • Built-in comprehensive reporting

 The newest feature of UNHCEMS is the Generic Forms component.  Generic Forms allows users to:

  • Create forms for modeling custom inventories, compliance forms, checklists, and document management systems.
  • Easily create forms- Enter the question text, enter a report label, set the widget type (input box, select box, file upload).
  • Enhance custom forms with data input validation and conditional visibility.
  • Tie in with other data in UNHCEMS such as the privilege system, user database, buildings & rooms, manufacturers, and other generic forms.
  • Specify privileges required to view and submit new data.
  • Control who can search, view, and edit submission data using a flow chart.
  • Delegate responsibility to complete custom compliance forms on due date intervals.

 UNHCEMS is licensed by several schools and universities nationwide.  Its capabilities continue to expand as additional environmental management needs are identified.  To learn more about UNHCEMS, please visit

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