UNH and Avalon Promotions Announce a Commitment to Healthy Eating

UNH and Avalon Promotions Announce a Commitment to Healthy Eating

Aug 22, 2013

UNH signed a license with Avalon Promotions on July 31, 2013 for a copyrighted image developed by Healthy UNH and UNH Dining Services, aptly called the UNH Wildcat Plate. In 2010, the USDA created Dietary Guidelines for Americans, to help remind them to think about their food choices in order to lead healthier lifestyles. With permission from the USDA, Healthy UNH and Dining Services adapted these guidelines, developing an image to guide patrons in making healthy food choices in UNH dining halls. The newly developed image was reformatted and placed on high-quality melamine plates that can withstand multiple industrial dishwasher use and are used in UNH dining halls today.

“The UNH Wildcat Plate is another innovation to help children and adults make better food choices in their diet.  We know that these good food choices promotes better health and helps to reduce obesity and chronic diseases” said Mike Ferrara, Dean of the College of Health and Human Services.

“We are delighted to be able to incorporate the Wildcat Plate throughout our operations as a teaching tool for our community.  It is an effective, utilized component of our campaign to alter behaviors towards a healthy lifestyle that make UNH a model for other Universities” said Jon Plodzik, Director of UNH Dining Services.

UNH, not being in the business of plate manufacturing, sought out a company based in Rollinsford, NH to handle this type of business opportunity. Now, other schools and organizations can follow UNH’s lead in making Americans healthier by purchasing and customizing the UNH Wildcat Plate. Ordering this plate through Avalon Promotions will allow other educational institutions to place their logos on the plate and use in their dining halls.

“Avalon Promotions is excited to be a partner in the first UNH license of its kind for commercializing the UNH Wildcat Plate. This venture is also a first for Avalon Promotions, although we have been a vendor at UNH for many years, this will be the first to return royalties back to the University for their innovations,” said Glenn Chase, owner of Avalon Promotions.

“For me, this partnership is more than another successful example of UNH supporting and working with local businesses, it has renewed faith in the innovations regularly developed at UNH having the potential to benefit so many” said Tim Willis, Licensing Manager for UNH, Office for Research Partnerships and Commercialization about his involvement in this project.

For additional information about the innovative technologies and creative works developed or available for licensing from UNH please contact Tim Willis at timothy.willis@unh.edu.

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