Update on UNH's Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Program

Update on UNH's Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Program

Apr 18, 2013

Since 1995, UNH has deployed a financial conflict of interest in research (FCOIR) program to protect the integrity of UNH's externally-funded research and the investigators who engage in this mission-critical activity.  The program’s goals are accomplished through identification and management of financial conflicts of interest in research.  Information about UNH’s FCOIR program, including links to policies, forms, and guidance, is available here.

Recently, UNH adopted a second FCOIR policy in response to revised U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) regulations.  The UNH Disclosure Review Committee (DRC) decided to promulgate a separate policy for PHS-funded projects due to the burden imposed by the new regulations.  The new policy also applies to those organizations requiring compliance with PHS regulations.  A list of the PHS agencies, other organizations requiring compliance, and additional resources related to this policy are available here.

During the process of developing the aforementioned policy, the DRC suggested changes to the original UNH FCOIR policy.  The original UNH FCOIR policy continues to apply to research activities funded by external organizations other than the PHS agencies and organizations requiring compliance with PHS regulations.  The changes recommended by the DRC were designed to: (1) promote efficiency and effectiveness in the FCOIR program; and (2) to achieve as much consistency as possible between the two FCOIR policies.   These changes have been approved and are reflected in the updated version of the policy available in the USNH On-Line Policy Manual.

As a reminder, with each proposal submitted applicants for external funds must certify that they have complied with the applicable UNH FCOIR policy. This certification occurs via the SPA Internal Approval Routing Form (Yellow Sheet).

Please direct questions about the FCOIR program to Julie Simpson, Director, Research Integrity Services (603/862-2003) or Tammy Goldberg, Director, OSVPR Finance and Administration (603/862-0152).

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