Effort Certification Reminder

Effort Certification Reminder

Sep 14, 2012

To:  Principal Investigators and Project Directors, UNH Sponsored Programs Community

This is a reminder that all effort reports for FY12 activity must be reviewed, certified, and received in Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) by September 30. Please return the completed certifications to your effort certification coordinator/BSC contact, clearly indicating any needed revisions. 

Per UNH policy on Proposing, Managing, and Certifying Effort for Employees Engaged in Externally Sponsored Programs (http://www.usnh.edu/olpm/UNH/VIII.Res/S.htm), after September 30 no proposals will be submitted or awards established for PI’s/PD’s who have not submitted a completed effort certification until such time as the effort certifications are received in SPA. 

In addition, each UNH employee who receives pay from at least one UNH externally-sponsored program, a cost sharing account related to a sponsored program, and/or from UNH’s federal appropriations, must complete the Effort Certification training at least every 3 years.  The training module can be completed in a short time and may be found at /research/effort-reporting-and-certification-training.  Students and non-permanent employees who receive one-time payments from grants/contracts are not required to complete the training.  Each PI/PD must complete the UNH on-line Effort Certification training module even if s/he does not receive pay but supervises employees who are paid by the PI’s/PD’s sponsored program.  It is the PI’s/PD’s responsibility to ensure that the employees paid on his/her grants successfully complete the on-line training module.  If a PI/PD does not complete the specified training, the PI’s/PD’s next award will not be established in Banner until such time as s/he successfully completes the training. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about the effort certification process.

Thank you very much for your attention to this requirement.


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Tammy Goldberg
Director of Finance and Administration
Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Research
107 Thompson Hall
University of New Hampshire
105 Main Street
Durham, NH  03824
(603) 862-1948

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