UNH Demographer Ken Johnson Studies How U.S. Is Changing

UNH Demographer Ken Johnson Studies How U.S. Is Changing

Feb 23, 2012

Tell Ken Johnson the county you live in and he can tell you a lot about your town, your state, and how that place has changed over past decades.  As both a professor of sociology and the senior demographer at UNH’s Carsey Institute, Johnson tells the nation’s evolving story by making impersonal data about population patterns come alive for students, community leaders, and readers of newspapers such as USA Today.

Johnson's three decades of work on changing patterns of rural migration and population redistribution, the development of a typology for recreational counties, and most recently, the changing racial and ethnic composition of rural America was honored by the Rural Sociological Society when it presented its Excellence in Research award to him in 2011.

While most of Johnson’s work is funded by grants from sources such as the National Institutes of Health and the New Hampshire Endowment for Health, currently he is in the midst of extensive research for the U.S. Forest Service, analyzing population change near the National Forests, including those in northern New England. He’s looking at how demographic change will influence the future use and development in and near the forests.

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