Webcat is available 24 hours a day, Monday - Saturday.

How to Register in Webcat

  1. Login to Webcat (login assistance 603-862-4242)
  2. Select Registration
  3. Select Add/Drop Courses
  4. Select Term (ex: Fall 2021) and Submit
  5. Enter RAC (if applicable)
  6. Enter CRNs (the five digit course reference number) for the courses, or select Class Search to find open courses
    Note: When searching for classes, if there is a number in the RESV column, the section is open.
  7. Select Submit Changes
  8. Message appears notifiying if registration was successful or errors occured.
  9. Select Complete when finished.
  10. For a printed schedule; choose Printable Schedule.
    Type in the date for the first full week of classes.

1. Go to myUNH.

2. Login to WEBCAT.
Note: For login assistance, call (603)862-4242.

3. Select Registration.

4. Select Add/Drop Courses.

5. Select Term from dropdown and Submit.

6. Enter your RAC (during fall and spring only – no RAC required in summer).

7. Enter CRNs (the five digit course reference number) for the courses at the bottom of the page, or select Class Search to find classes which are open.
Note: Dean’s permission required to enroll in more than 12 credits in summer.

8. Select Submit Changes.

9. Select Complete when finished.

10. Select Make E-Payment Now.

11. Select Continue and follow online instructions.

12. To confirm your schedule, return to the Registration link in WEBCAT.

13. Choose Student Detail Schedule.

14. Select Term from dropdown menu and Submit.
Type in the date for the first full week of classes: format (mm/dd/yyyy).

  • Closed Section or Reserve Closed:  No space in section at this time. Check for other open sections by clicking Class Search at the bottom of the page. There must be a seat remaining in the RESV column for you to register.
  • CORQ_(class) REQ: You must register for two classes.
  • Field of Study Restriction - Major: Section is reserved for students in a specific major.
  • Link Error: A2 Required: Register for a lecture AND a lab and/or recitation. Enter both CRNs and click Submit Changes.
  • Mutual Exclusion with XXXXX: You cannot register if you have completed a mutually exclusive course with a passing grade. If you have special circumstances that require you to take two mutually exclusive courses, you must have an approved Petition for Variance in Academic Policy form.
  • Permission Required: You must have permission from the department or instructor.
  • Prerequisite requirement Not Satisfied: You have not completed the necessary prerequisite course. To register without prerequisites, you must have permission from the department or instructor.