Declare or Change Major

Durham campus baccalaureate degree students may request a change of major/option, add a second major/option or drop a second major/option using the online process in Webcat.

File a Change of Program Form if:

  • Adding or dropping a third major
  • Adding a self designed major
  • Changing from a four year program to a Thompson School program
  • Changing to/from UNHM
  • Declaring or dropping a dual degree

Required signatures in the following order:

  1. Advisor/s
  2. Current Dean of College (University Advising and Career Center if changing from or to the College of Liberal Arts).
  3. New Advisor/s
  4. New College Dean

Dual Degree

If applying for a dual degree, students must have the approval/signatures of both advisors in both Departments. If the dual degree is across college lines, the Deans in both colleges must sign the forms and the new Dean is the approving member.

Students must complete at least 160 credit hours to receive a Dual Degree. The degrees cannot both be BA degrees. A student may earn two BS degrees if the degrees are substantially different in content.

Important information about deadlines and tuition differentials.

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