About Enrollment Management

The University of New Hampshire’s Enrollment Management office serves students and their families with respect to admission, transfer, registration, financial aid, and scholarships. We work collectively with our University partners promoting student success, retention, and matriculation. We are committed to attracting motivated and engaged students that will enrich our institution and community.


We are committed to collaborating with campus partners to attract, enroll, retain, and  graduate a student body that supports UNH’s educational mission and institutional goals.


We strive to be the leading enrollment management division amongst public New England Land Grant Universities.

Mission Fulfillment

In collaboration with campus partners, we lead the ongoing development of long-term strategic enrollment planning to support UNH’s fiscal strength and academic mission.

Recruiting and enrolling undergraduate students to attend UNH and UNH Manchester, recruiting and enrolling graduate students to attend UNH Manchester.

Assisting undergraduate, graduate and professional students and their families in financing their education at UNH, UNH Manchester, and UNH Law.

Fostering student academic progress by ensuring the proper maintenance of academic records from the first contact with student to graduation and facilitating academic processes for all academic departments at UNH, UNH Manchester, and UNH Law.

Proactively supporting admissions and financial aid and engaging with campus partners on student success-related data analysis and reporting to enhance data-informed decision-making.