BSC Human Resources


 Documents Required for New Hire Process

All adjunct hires need to receive written hire letters. (Student labor and work-study students for the present are excluded) The templates for these hire letters, both for salaried adjunct or hourly adjunct, can be found in the FORMS section on the UNH HR web site.  These hires also have to have background checks. (Any volunteers also must undergo a background check). The process is the same as for permanent status (benefitted)hires, the hiring unit makes the background check request in the on-line process located on the UNH HR web site under ‘Background Checks’ that is under Employment Resources. There may be some rare exceptions granted from the background check process that should be discussed before-hand with your UNH HR Partner. The background check must be complete before the adjunct hire or the volunteer begins their services as well.



Other Forms

Setting Up Accounts / Computer Access

  • UNH IT Account Requests   - Supervisors can request accounts after Human Resources and the Business Service Center has processed the hiring paperwork.


  • Inform Human Resources and the Business Service Center.
  • Send a copy of the resignation letter to the Business Service Center.
  • PAT - Send a copy of the final exempt leave record to the BSC for vacation payout.
  • OS - The final approved earned time balance will be paid based on the WTE balance in WISE at termination.