President's Leadership Academy

UNH President

An executive leadership academy with a focus on
team building, inclusive climate, UNH people and fiscal management

President's Leadership Academy fosters success for those new to an executive role at UNH.

This academy seeks to equip participants with the resources to make critical decisions in the face of uncertainty, the skills to tackle our unique business challenges, and the understanding  to drive the university’s bottom line. It empowers the newest UNH executives to lead our complex organization and build the university of tomorrow.

Peer-to-peer learning allows participants to hear and share experiences with colleagues. The cohort studies with others who are new to a UNH executive role and may be facing similar challenges.  Discussion, debate, and interpretation of new concepts and ideas helps to build a strong cohort and future professional allies. Six monthly workshops provide an ongoing opportunity to work on real time challenges with others.

President's Leadership Academy features  guest subject matter experts within and outside of UNH. Immediate and long-term positive impact is also realized through lecture, panel discussions and brief homework assignments.

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