UNH announces initial COVID-19 testing results

Aug. 24, 2024

Dear UNH Community,

We are writing to update you on the COVID-19 testing we have been doing and let you know how we will be reporting our testing results going forward.

We are committed to test data transparency, while still protecting employee and student confidentiality and privacy. No personal identifiable data will be shared. All data will be presented in aggregate in a dashboard that will be updated on a regular basis (likely twice a week). Find the latest testing results here ; scroll down and click on the orange Testing Results button. Testing results will be sorted by campus location (Durham, Manchester, Concord) and by population (faculty, staff, student and contractor). We will avoid combinations of variables that would make it possible to identify individuals in some instances.

There are a few important things to note about these numbers:

  • The total cumulative number of tests includes people—primarily faculty, staff and contractors—who have been tested numerous times. 
  • We don’t yet have results for a majority of our students because they were instructed to be tested no earlier than 8 days before arriving to campus.
  • Results are for testing performed by ConvenientMD and do not include data from Quest Diagnostics or other providers outside of the UNH testing program.
  • All test results collected in New Hampshire by the UNH Testing Program are reported to the N.H. Department of Health and Human Services. N.H. DHHS maps test results according to the reported living address when the test is performed. However, everyone tested through our program (required) will be included in the university’s data to ensure we have the information we need to make informed decisions and keep our community safe.

If you have testing results from an outside provider please upload them here and if you are coming to our community from outside of the New England states and need to attest to a 14-day quarantine please do so here.

As we continue to refine our testing program and transition to use of our own testing lab, we thank you for your patience and recognition of the importance of your participation in regular testing.


Paul Dean
Chief of Police /Associate VP for Public Safety and Risk Management and Co-Chair of UNH Testing and Tracing Committee

Marian McCord
Senior Vice Provost for Research, Economic Engagement and Outreach; and Co-Chair of UNH Testing and Tracing Committee