Supporting UNH's global community

Jan. 29, 2017

Dear Members of the UNH Community,

Executive orders issued by President Trump in the last few days have raised many questions on our campuses, especially around the complex issue of immigration status. As a flagship research university with global reach, the University of New Hampshire is committed to supporting the UNH students, staff and faculty members—and their families—who may be affected by the newly-issued executive orders and future proposed changes to the law. We simply cannot be successful in our academic and research mission without the world-class students and scholars who come from more than 75 nations to study, discover and innovate across the disciplines at UNH. 

There is already a robust conversation among the nation’s university leaders and our representatives in Washington regarding this rapidly evolving issue. For example, the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities, of which UNH is a member, issued a statement  this weekend addressing the matter.  Please rest assured that UNH is part of this important conversation, with the overarching goal of supporting our community members who come from outside the United States.  I have communicated with members of the New Hampshire Congressional delegation to make them aware of my concerns and the level of concern across our campuses in Durham, Manchester and Concord. I have expressed our strong support for continuation of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).  I will continue to press this case and I know the leaders of other New Hampshire institutions are doing the same.

The only thing we know for certain at this time is that details around immigration will continue to evolve. We anticipate that further clarity will be provided in the coming days and weeks from the Trump Administration, federal court rulings, and Congress. As the matter unfolds, the Office of International Students and Scholars is already reaching out to those who are directly affected by this uncertain situation to help answer specific questions.

This is an excellent time for our community to come together in support of our fellow Wildcats. I will work with the UNH administration to keep everyone informed on this matter.



Mark W. Huddleston