COVID-19 Planning Teams for Academic Year 2020-21

COVID-19 Planning Teams for Academic Year 2020-21

Updated Aug. 7, 2020

Senior Management Response Team

Chris Clement, VP for Administration; Megan Davis, Chief of Staff; James W. Dean Jr., President; Debbie Dutton, VP for Advancement; Jay Calhoun, CFO; Wayne Jones, Provost; Kenneth Holmes, Senior Vice Provost for Student Life; Marian McCord, Sr. Vice Provost for Research; Kathy Neils, Chief Human Resources Officer; Bill Poirier, Chief Information Officer; Cathy Provencher, USNH Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs; Erika Mantz, Executive Director, Media Relations; Paul Dean, Chief of Police/Assoc. VP, Public Safety and Risk Management; Mica Stark, Assoc. VP CPA; Katherine (Kate) Ziemer, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

University Emergency Group

Ruth Abelmann, Director of Residential Life; Rori Boyce-Werner, Info Security Compliance Pgm Mgr/Incident Response & DR; Brian Cournoyer, Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator; Paul Dean, Chief of Police/Assoc. VP Public Safety and Risk Management; Michael Decelle, Dean, UNH Manchester; David Emanuel, Chief, Durham Fire Department; Kathleen Grace-Bishop, Dir of of Education & Promotion, Health and Wellness; Louise Griffin, Senior Director for Research and Sponsored Programs; Bill Hall, Asst. VP Enterprise Tech. Services; Kathy Irla-Chesney, Director of Housing; Bill Janelle, Assoc. VP Facilities; Kenneth Holmes, Senior Vice Provost for Student Life; Brad Manning, Director of EH&S; Erika Mantz, Executive Director of Media Relations/Spokesperson; David May, Assoc. VP Business Operations; Bill McNamara, Executive Director of Hospitality Services; Ron O'Keefe, Asst. Director of Emergency Management; Dirk Timmons, Director of Transportation Services; Randall Trull, Asst. Chief, Durham Fire Department; John Wallin, Asst. Provost for Contract Administration.

Education, UG and G: Senior Vice Provost for Student Life Kenneth Holmes, SVPAA Katherine (Kate) Ziemer

Team members: Michele Dillon, Dean, COLA(Co-Chair); Kate Ziemer, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (Co-Chair); Andy Colby, Registrar; Katie Cousens, College Academic Affairs Coordinator, COLSA; Glen Miller, Professor, Chemistry; Neil Niman, Associate Dean, PCBE; Mihaela Sabin, Professor, Applied Engineering & Sciences; Erin Sharp, Associate Professor, Human Development & Family Studies; Terri Winters, Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Technology Central; Jackie Snow, Senior Director, Center for Data, Enterprise Information Management, UNH IT; Jennifer Davis, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law.

Charge: The committee on Education will consider a range of options for opening in fall 2020 that ensures that UNH continues to maintain a high quality of education both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Areas of focus: Blended learning; rotating attendance; calendar; classroom utilization under social distancing guidelines; internships; clinical placements; study abroad and study away programs; faculty and staff advising and mentoring; labs/digital labs

Residence Halls, Dining, MUB, Campus Recreation: Christopher Clement, Chief Operating Officer

Team members: David May, Assoc Vice President, Business Affairs; Kathy Irla-Chesney, Director of Housing; Ruth Abelmann, Director, Residential Life; Rick MacDonald, Director, Office of Business Affairs; Bill Meehan, Assoc Director, Facilities and Operations, Housing; Stacey Hall, Executive Director, Student Engagement and Development.

Charge: To provide a clean, safe and highly functioning campus community for our students, faculty and staff.

Areas of focus: maintenance projects to complete before reopening; identifying scenarios for occupancy of facilities, both residential and dining; identifying overflow and quarantine options.

Student Services and Extracurricular Activities: Kenneth Holmes, Senior Vice Provost for Student Life

Team members: Charles Putnam, Clinical Professor, Justice Studies, COLA; Ruth Abelmann, Director, Residential Life; Kevin Charles, Executive Director, Health & Wellness; Shari Robinson, Director, Psychological Services, Psychological & Counseling Services; Peter Degnan, Medical Director, Health & Wellness; Kenneth Holmes, Sr. Vice Provost for Student Life; Kathy Irla-Chesney, Director of Housing; Victoria Perkins, Asst Director of Apartments; Stacey Hall, Executive Director, Student Engagement & Development, Campus Recreation & MUB; David Charette, Director, Campus Recreation; William McNamara, Executive Director, Hospitality Services; David May, Assoc Vice President, Business Affairs; Carolyn Mebert, Associate Professor of Psychology and Faculty Senate Representative; David Kurz, Police Chief, Town of Durham; Tyler Silverwood, UNH Student Body Vice President; Carolyn Mebert, Associate Professor, Psychology.

Charge: Determine the campus life protocols for the health and wellbeing of our students in the; face of the pandemic, including physical distancing requirements and guidelines for student gatherings and non-academic activities on campus.

Areas of focus: social distancing policies; PACS; Health & Wellness, MUB (in partnership with Office of Business Affairs), Residential Life (in partnership with Housing).

Research and Economic Engagement: Marian McCord, SVP for Research

Charge: To safely and rapidly revitalize UNH’s research, extension, and economic engagement activities, and to strengthen our response to local and global challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research Sub-team: Marian McCord, SVP for Research, Economic Engagement and Outreach; Rick Cote, Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical Sciences; Kurk Dorsey, Professor of History and Chair, Institutional Review Board; Diane Foster, Professor and Director, School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering; Louise Griffin, Senior Director of Research and Sponsored Programs Administration; Andrew Houtenville, Center Director, CMDR, Associate Professor of Economics, and Research Director, Institute on Disability; Brad Kinsey, Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Dain LaRoche, Professor of Kinesiology; Kyle MacLea, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, UNH Manchester; Brad Manning, Director, Office of Environmental Health and Safety; Rebecca Row, Associate Professor, Natural Resources and the Environment and Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee; Nathan Schwadron, Professor of Physics and Astronomy; Julie Simpson, Director, Research Integrity Services; Harlan Spence, Director, Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space; Kim Sweetman, Associate Dean of the University Library.

Areas of Focus: Phased resumption of research activities; on- and off-campus research site management, scheduling, and safety; ramp-up of core facilities and services; lab and field work safety protocols; development of internal COVID testing capacity (in coordination with EM team).

Economic Engagement Sub-team: Ken La Valley, VP for Outreach and Engagement; Marc Sedam, VP for Innovation; Mike Mengers, Director UNH PD&T; Amy Ouellette, Associate Director UNH Extension; Pam Doherty, Project Manager Office of Outreach and Engagement; Cathy Leach, Director UNH Youth Program Office; Erik Chapman, NH Sea Grant; representation from UNH Upskilling Advisory Council, representation from K12 Engagement Council;  David Charette, Associate Director, Campus Recreation.

Areas of Focus: Phased resumption of extension and professional development activities; extension and PDT site management, scheduling, and safety; stakeholder communications/interactions; summer programs and camps; development of internal COVID testing capacity (in coordination with EM team).

Facilities: Christopher Clement, Chief Operating Officer

Team members: Bill Janelle, Assoc Vice President, Facilities; Larry VanDessel, Executive Director, Facilities Services; Rhonda Hein, Director of Finance and Administration, Facilities BSC; Matt O’Keefe, Director of Energy and Utilities, Facilities; Doug Bencks, University Architect and Director of Campus Planning; Brenda Whitmore, Director of Facilities Project Management; Bill Deacon, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law; Mike Mason, Director, Asset Management; Steve Pesci, Special Projects Director, Campus Planning; Stephanie Weatherbee, Facilities, Sr. Administrative Assistant; Ron O'Keefe, UNH Police Dept. Emergency Management Director; Tracey Lauder, Library; Tom Trela, Paul College; Dean Easterling, Office of Business Affairs; Kevin Sousa, COLA; Melina Sarah Envy, Registrar's Office; Kevan Carpenter, CEPS, Technical Service Center Director; Laurie Westover, COLSA; Michelle Stone, CHHS; Jon Danos, Athletics; Carolyn Kimball, Athletics; Robert Beecher, UNH Manchester; Brian Cournoyer, Evironmental Health and Saftey; David Divins, Associate Director, School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering.

Charge: To provide a clean, safe and highly functioning campus community for our students, faculty and staff.

Areas of focus: Cleaning standards and practices; controlling access to facilities, capital projects, grounds and roads.

Human Resources: Kathy Neils, Chief Human Resources Officer

Team members: Sari Bennett, AVP for Human Resources; Mariah Bellington, Background Review Coordinator, Drug Testing; Janet Davis, Sr. HR Assistant; Anna Dulude, HR Partner; Brandon Edgerly; Martie Gleason, Executive Director, Compensation, Benefits & Services; Carrie Grube, Recruiting Manager; Kimberly Jennison, Benefits Manager; Elizabeth Lathrop, Human Resources Specialist; Heather Madore, HR Services & Payroll Manager; Patricia McCabe, HR Partner; Jacene Mongeon, HR Assistant; Scott Nichols-Rano, HR Assistant; Harmony Royce, HRIS Manager; Stacey Silva, HR Partner; Brenda Stone, Sr. HR Assistant; Keith Timmerman, HR Partner; Christina Van Horn, HR Communications & Events Coordinator; Vicki Wijeyesinghe, HR Partner; Susan Wilbur, Sr. HR Assistant; Jon Woodman, Recruiter

Charge: Work with leaders to establish operating guidelines for reopening plan which incorporates CDC guidelines and meets the needs of the institution and employees.

Areas of focus: Identify strategies and establish expectations in line with CDC guidelines, social distancing and PPE needs to return to campus. Options include: remote work; rotating attendance; skills mix of workforce and needs; workspace flexibility and space requirements for offices to meet social distancing expectations; while anticipating employee considerations; health and wellness of employees; and family care considerations while contemplating other options for employees if needed.

Emergency Management: Paul Dean, UNH Chief of Police and AVP for Public Safety and Risk Management

Team members: University Emergency Group (UEG) and Senior Management Group (SMG)

Charge: To provide prevention, response, mitigation, and recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 virus, and to address the issue of testing on the university campuses.

Areas of focus: Healthcare; testing; quarantine considerations; social converging issues

Alumni Engagement: Debbie Dutton, VP for Advancement

Team members: Susan Entz, Assoc Vice President, Alumni Relations, Advancement; Troy Finn, Assoc Vice President, Development, Foundation; Mica Stark, Assoc Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, Chief Communications Officer; Erik Gross, Sr Executive Director, University Advancement, Treasurer UNH Foundation; Misty McCarty, Assoc Vice President, Advancement Services; Mary Horigan, Sr Executive Director, Advancement Relations

Charge: To create scenario-based strategies to safely engage our alumni, parents and friends with the goal of enhancing affinity for UNH that will drive increased philanthropy, and to develop revenue and expense models to support those strategies.

Areas of focus: On- and off-campus events; capital campaign planning; interactions with donors; importance of deferred giving.

Financial Controls: Cathy Provencher, Interim CFO

Team members: Kerry Scala, Sarah Connor, Louise Griffin

Charge: To manage and mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on UNH’s budget while focusing our efforts to strengthen the university’s long-term financial picture

Areas of focus: Immediate term: travel, hiring, p card practices and processes; spending and hiring directives and waiver processes; CARES Act/federal grant administration; modeling for current fiscal year (FY20) and FY 21.

Short and medium term: building financial scenario models to evaluate potential COVID 19 budget impacts in FY21 and FY22 to inform strategic decision making; redesigning the financial services delivery structure; establishing FY22 baseline for the future post-COVID.

Technology Readiness and Support: Bill Poirier, USNH Chief Information Officer

Team members: Bill Hall, Asst Vice President, Enterprise Technology Services, UNH IT; Patrick Messer, Director, Research Computing Center, Research, Engagement and Innovation; Terri Winters, Asst Vice Provost, Academic Technology Central, UNH IT; Laura Seraichick, CIO, Keene State College, IT Site leader; JoAnn Guilmett, Director of Client Services and Academic Technology, Plymouth State University, IT Site leader; James Ramsey, Professor, Security Studies, UNH Manchester.

Charge: Preparing faculty, students and the technology enterprise for teaching and learning in traditional and alternative teaching environments.

Areas of focus: Hybrid Delivery (building on-line capable rooms and faculty professional development and support); faculty professional development, programming and support for traditional and alternative teaching methods; campus technology refresh for public and departmental lab clusters, computer labs, and staff and faculty computing; technology workshops for students (cybersecurity and student support systems); integrating enterprise technology capacity across all USNH campuses; hiring students for technology and classroom support.

Athletics: Chris Clement, Chief Operating Officer; Marty Scarano, Director of Athletics

Team Members: Mike Ferrara, Dean, College of Health & Human Services; Dr. Peter Degnan, Medical Director, UNH Health & Wellness; Michelle Bronner, Senior Associate Athletic Director; Michelle Mallett, Associate Head Athletic Trainer; Jon Dana, Director of Sports Medicine; Dr.Chris Couture, UNH Athletics Team Physician; Dr. Jennifer Hopp, UNH Athletics Team Physician; Dr. Barry Gendron, Medical Director, Musculoskeletal Health and Rehabilitation, Wentworth Douglass Hospital; Heather Barber, Assoc. Prof. Kinesiology.

Charge: Establish protocols for inter-collegiate athletics that protect the safety and welfare of student-athletes, staff and coaches. Yet to be determined is the ability to resume practice and play, but discussions will work toward that end.

Areas of focus:  Create safeguards that allow athletes to safely train, practice and compete. All guidelines and policies will be consistent with the most up-to-date CDC/state-wide medical requirements.