Public Meeting Lab

People observing a public meeting

That sinking feeling when Good meetings go Bad... 

Our unique applied theatre techniques help you delve into best-practice methods for dealing with disruptions at public meetings and town hall style forums.

Target Areas: Public meeting management; disruptive behavior; group management and communication

Reccomended for: Municpal / civic bodies and leadership; community leaders; group facilitators

The Lab: Particpants observe and reflect on a brief, contentious scenes at a fictional town hall meeting. What happens when the meeting's procedures go away? What happens when the Public Comment section of a meeting turns into a shouting match?

PowerPlay's facilitators will guide the participants through best-practice & strategies to handle increasingly stressful moments of public contention in a safe, invitational way. No one likes to figure out how to navigate these scenarios on the job, in real time. We'll let you observe moments of stress, reflect on how you might handle them, and then test out strategies with our actors.

Our trained Actor-Improvisers are also ready to accurately play out and explore difficult situations that participants may have encountered, observed, or struggled with in real world settings.

PowerPlay's Public Meeting Lab was born out of a collaboration with The Carsey School of Public Policy, NH Listens, and the University of New Hampshire's Cooperative Extension.

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