Facilitation Lab

Rows of chairs at a conference

Sharpen your skills with our interactive "obstacle course." 

PowerPlay will help develop your skills as a facilitator by providing you controlled opportunities to experiment with different strategies when faced with obstacles that might diminish a successful session.

Target Areas: Meeting management; group facilitation; contentious behavior; listening and communication

Reccomended for: Team leaders; meeting organizers; group facilitators; municpal bodies

The Lab:This interactive training method for meeting facilitators is centered around managing diverse personality types and political perspectives who are wrestling with development issues in a small fictional town.

Particpants observe and reflect on a brief "activation play" that jumps to different moments within a fictional small town's Public Input Group meeting. After being derailed numerous times by some challenging personalities, participants are able to ask the characters why they did what they did in the scene ("I want to know more about...") . They may then attempt to alter the course of the scene by either suggesting strategies to the facilitator ("What if...") or jumping into the scene themselves for hands-on practice.

Our trained Actor-Improvisers are also ready to accurately play out and explore difficult situations that participants may have encountered, observed, or struggled with in real world settings.

PowerPlay's Facilitation Lab was born out of a collaboration with NH Listens and the University of New Hampshire's Cooperative Extension.

For more information on this and other PowerPlay programs contact
Program Manager CJ Lewis: cj.lewis@unh.edu