Bias Awareness & Intervention Training Lab

Contentious Meeting

Biases create obstacles toward a fair and equitable workplace.

PowerPlay can help build awareness of these biases. We'll help you experiment with different intervention strategies in a risk-free, dynamic way.

Target Areas: Bias awareness, bias intervention strategies, workplace climate & culture

Recommended for:Academic departements, executive teams, corporate workforces

The Lab: This interactive workshop allows participants to take in moments of bias from the perspective of the Bystander and then play Director and Experimenter from the comfort of their chair.

The facilitated session allows participants to identify incidents of bias and then build the ability to address those issues in a positive and constructive way. Interaction involves:

  1. OBSERVE. Witness our actors portray brief, familiar moments of bias and challenging interprsonal behavior.
  2. INTERACT. Stop the action. Ask the characters questions about their experience. Dig into what motivates the characters' behaviors. Uncover human reactions that might be difficult to express in the workplace.<
  3. REPLAY. This is where it gets fun. Offer the characters suggestions about how to navigate these situations more successfully. The actors will replay the scene in real time, utilizing these strategies.

PowerPlay's Bias Awareness & Intervention Training Lab was born out of a collaboration with Stephanie Goodwin, Ph.D. and she is our leading facilitator for this workshop.

Dr. Goodwin is a leading is a leading expert on bias awareness and interaction who has 20+ years of experience facilitating discussions of diversity, equity and inclusion in academic and professional development settings in higher ed.


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