Underrepresented Students

UNH PACS is sensitive and committed to diversity and the richness of human differences. Our service and training missions as well as our work ethic require that staff and clients alike are treated with respect and value across all differences. Thus, UNH PACS’s policies, procedures, activities, relationships and interactions with individuals and groups in the campus community are consistent with these values.

PACS strongly supports all students’ success. We strongly realize that for underrepresented students who have the experience of being different from most others around them on campus, negotiating the challenges and reaching graduation day can be even more difficult. In our work with students of color, students with disabilities, first generation college students, international students, as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning students ,we are reminded that:

  • The campus community needs to continue to develop resources to make education equally accessible to all people.
  • All of us have a responsibility to make the UNH community safe for and welcoming of all its members.
  • Developing strong relationships with peers and others on and off campus strongly helps to maintain perspective and keep focused.
  • Using support services on campus can really make a difference in a student's success at UNH.