Training Activities

Training Seminars and Supervision

1. Individual Case Supervision: Each semester interns are assigned to work with a senior staff member whose interests best match the intern's needs. The pair meets weekly for two hours of individual supervision, primarily around the intakes, crisis interventions, and the intern’s individual caseload.

2. Supervision of Group Work: Fellows provide weekly supervision to examine issues of co‑leadership and group process.

3. Staff Case Conference: Interns, fellows, and senior staff meet weekly for one hour to discuss cases.

4. Professional Seminars: Interns attend weekly professional training seminars designed to deal with issues specific to the university population and counseling center work. Topics include crisis management, consultation, assessment, multicultural counseling, ethics, anxiety, group treatment, and professional development issues.

5. Staff Meetings: Interns attend a weekly one-hour staff meeting. At times, these meetings combine business with in-service training for all staff.

6. Professional Development Supervision: Interns meet weekly for one hour with the Director of Training. The purposes of these meetings are varied, reflecting the needs of the interns, including: processing the internship experience, clinical issues and case conceptualizations, professional development and identity issues, and administrative details.

7. Supervision of Assessment: Interns receive supervision throughout the assessment process and participate in an assessment seminar focusing on the integration of assessment and testing in the therapy process.

8. Supervision of Consultation: Interns receive supervision throughout their consultation project.

9. Supervision of Supervision: Interns meet weekly to receive supervision of their peer supervision.

10. Supervision of Outreach: Interns receive feedback on their workshop design and delivery as well as supervision around their outreach/educational competencies