Service Activities

Service Activities

1. Individual Counseling: Interns are expected to carry an individual client caseload of 16 client hours per week throughout the academic year. Interns work with both short‑term and longer term psychotherapy clients.

2. Intake: Interns begin by observing intake sessions in order to familiarize themselves with the procedure. Interns are then included in the intake interview rotation (approximately three hours per week). 

3. Crisis Intervention: Interns observe senior staff during urgent care appointments for the first few weeks of the fall term and eventually join the rotation with staff back‑up.

4. Groups: Interns lead a semi-structured, support and/or therapy group with senior staff or fellows during the fall and spring semesters. This involves a minimum weekly commitment of one and one-half hours.

5. Outreach and Consultation: Each semester interns develop and present 4 workshops for campus offices or classes. Interns negotiate a year-long consultative relationship with at least one campus agency and design and implement a consultation project with a segment of the campus population. Interns are encouraged to explore a range of possibilities and may participate in one of PACS’s ongoing projects or initiate their own projects. Interns spend considerable time during the summer months completing their consultation projects.

6. Testing and Assessment: Interns engage in practical and training activities including a six-session seminar series on the use of assessment inventories in a counseling center environment.

7. Peer Supervision: Interns are trained and supervised in a model of peer supervision that includes didactic seminars and a weekly supervision meeting.