Information and Acknowledgment

The following is an outline of certain policies that govern the work of Psychological and Counseling Services UNH. Clients who request services are asked to read this information and acknowledge that they have done so by signing at the bottom of the page.  Thank you.

Environment of Respect

We foster an environment of respect and inclusion at PACS. We expect all students who seek our services to be respectful of our staff and other students. We reserve the right to decline treatment to those who are not able to be respectful.


When filling out your schedule at our computer kiosks, it is important to mark when you are not available. Failure to complete your schedule according to our instructions will result in a delay for receiving counseling.

For Survivors of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harrassment

The UNH policy interpretation of the Title IX is that all employees except those offices with privilege communication (including PACS, Health and Wellness, and SHARPP) must report incidents of sexual assault to the UNH Chief of Police and incidents of sexual harassment to the Affirmative Action Office.  An investigation may ensue with or without your consent. Please talk with your counselor if you are involved in this kind of situation.

Qualilty Control

The PACS staff is committed to providing high quality services to UNH students that include the assessment, diagnosis, consultation and treatment planning for mental health issues.  Prior to first appointment you are asked to complete a checklist, and if seen at PACS for counseling, you will be asked to complete it again periodically.  The information collected from these will be used to help PACSstaff to evaluate the efficacy of PACS services.  You may ask your therapist to review your checklist after counseling has ended.

Fees and Insurance

The PACS is funded by your Health fee and our services are available, if deemed clinically appropriate, to all UNH students who have paid this fee.  Separate fees are paid for the academic year and the summer session.  Additional fees will be billed directly to you in the event that your therapist has to participate in any legal proceedings on your behalf (even if we are compelled to testify by another party) at a rate of $200/hour.  This is inclusive of preparation as well as court time. We routinely ask for insurance information in the event of a psychiatric emergency and we need to make a referral. PACS will not be billing your insurance for any services received here. 

Code of Ethics

Our staff includes Staff Psychologists, Social Workers, Doctoral Fellows, Doctoral Interns and Administrative Assistants.  All of our staff are trained with respect to confidentiality and governed by the Code of Ethics of the American Psychological Association.  Copies of this Code are available at all times in the waiting room.  Complaints concerning any clinical staff or treatment can be directed  The NH Board of Psychology, 129 Pleasant St., Concord, NH 03301.

Social Media Policy

The PACS staff does not engage in any social media platforms with current or former clients.

Rights of Consultation

Your therapist may be unlicensed or working on a graduate degree and, as a consequence, is being supervised by a licensed psychologist, and social workers.  Senior staff might also consult with their colleagues and associates in order to provide the highest quality treatment.  You will be provided any information you request concerning the purpose and scope of such consultation.

Recording of Counseling Sessions

On occasion, staff members of PACS may request your permission to audio and/or video-record your counseling session(s) in order to review and evaluate our services, and to supervise our therapists in training.  No recordings shall be made without your prior knowledge and written consent.

Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Therapists are obligated to maintain appropriate boundaries with current and past clients.  Friendships, sexual relations or any sexual contact between a therapist and a client or former client are inappropriate, and prohibited by PACS policies, The American Psychological Association Ethical Principles, and is not permitted by the University of New Hampshire.

Additional Services

If your psychological issues are substantially affecting your ability to learn, you may be eligible to register under the American with Disabilities Act, through the Disability Services for Students Office, for psychiatric disability status and academic accommodations.  We also encourage you to have a physical at Health and Wellness if you have not had one in the last year.

Curtailed Operations

Occasionally, the University curtails operations (closes) due to inclement weather. When operations are curtailed, PACS is closed. If you are in need of emergency services call 862-2090 and follow the menu instructions to reach PACS for Behavioral Health at Portsmouth Hospital.