Group Counseling


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Group counseling is an excellent way to get support, learn about yourself and your relationships with others, and to develop new skills. Many students have found that group counseling is effective. Here is why:

  • Students realize they are not alone.
  • Students realize they can give and get help.
  • Students develop new ways of relating that are helpful in everyday life.
  • Student can talk about issues which are often difficult to talk about outside of group
  • Students develop and practice coping skills 

PACS provides group counseling services. Group counseling can be a really helpful way to discuss issues that are hard to talk about with friends, family or professors. You can also receive support from peers and learn how to relate to them in different ways; gain knowledge about yourself and your relationships with others;  as well as develop new skills for coping with difficult situations, thoughts and feelings - including social and general anxiety.

At PACS, groups usually meet weekly for several weeks. Typically, there are 5 to 10 students in each group. The group facilitators are trained and experienced counselors who provide a safe space in which members can share their experiences and provide feedback to others. Disrespectful language or behavior is not permitted. To learn about which groups will be offered this semester, please call us at 603-862-2090. To join a group, please call and you will have a screening with a counselor to determine if a group can be helpful to you at this time.

We offer a variety of groups each semester. We are currently offering at PACS itself a meditation group (all that is required is an intake in person at PACS), a grief and loss group, a group for people with general anxiety, another group for people with social anxiety, and  a graduate student support group.  

Like with individual counseling, group counseling is confidential and private within the group. There is no extra charge for group services. For more information, please contact PACS at 603-862-2090.

Other departments also offer support and education groups. For more information, please visit these links: