June Program Information

Program Descriptions


  • Attendance at an orientation session is required for all students
  • If possible, attendance at a two-day session is encouraged.
  • During orientation you will:
    • Experience campus life
    • Meet with an academic advisor
    • Register for classes
    • Leave campus with your fall schedule
  • Orientation schedules


  • Orientation is not mandatory for parents
  • Parents may attend a session different from the student
  • Sessions are separate but concurrent with students
  • During orientation, you will:
    • Meet with University of New Hampshire faculty, administrators, academic advisors, and upper-class students
    • Learn about the University's expectations of its students, and what resources it offers students in and outside the classroom
    • Discuss key transition to college issues with University experts
    • Get all your questions about UNH answered
  • Orientation schedules

Directions to Campus & Campus Map


  • Students and parents park in Lot A
  • You do not need a permit for Lot A during Orientation
  • More information on campus parking



Meals will be provided in one of the three award-winning dining halls on-campus. The dining halls are "all-you-care-to-eat," that feature many individual food and beverage stations. The following meals will be provided:

  • Two Day Session: dinner the first day and breakfast the second day
  • One Day Session:  lunch

We recommend students bring money for snacks if needed.


Inexpensive meals will be available on campus for parents.



  • Free housing/lodging is available on the first night of the two-day sessions to students only.
  • You will be assigned a room in Stoke Hall.
  • No housing/lodging is offered for the one-day sessions.


  • Overnight accommodations on campus are available through UNH Conferences
    • Make your prepaid  on campus reservation here beginning May 1 
    • (603)862-3189 beginning May 1
  • Additional Hotels and Restaurants

What to Bring


  • You must bring:
    • Your Social Security Card or driver's license for your photo ID
  • If you choose a two-day program and stay overnight, you should bring:
    • Sleeping bag/sheets
    • Pillow
    • Towel
    • Toothbrush/toothpaste
    • Change of clothes
    • Swimsuit and activewear for Become the Roar event
  • Optional items include a small fan, a notebook, pen and money for snacks


  • You may make a reservation beginning in late April. Return to this site then to make a reservation to assure your choice, make your reservation well before May 12. Select overnight if you wish to spend the night on-campus in Stoke Hall.  Most students stay overnight in the residence hall with the Orientation Staff.
  • Your parents/family should indicate if they’ll be attending the Parents & Family Program. If they want to spend the night on campus, they should make a separate reservation through UNH Conferences. The reservation site will be available here in late April. Note: there is a fee for parents overnight, and parents must cover the cost of any meals on campus.
  • Beginning in late April, review the course planning information here for your college/school. 


  • Parents - There is a separate, optional program for parents.
  • Friends - We cannot accommodate friends. You will be busy in meetings with academic advisors and others.



  • Two Day Sessions (All Students):
    • Check-in time:  11:00 AM -12:30 PM
    • Location: Stoke Hall
  • One Day Sessions:
    • CEPS, CHHS, COLA, COLSA, and PAUL Students:
      • Check-in time: 8:00-9:00 AM
      • Location: Stoke Hall
    • TSAS students:
      • Check-in time: 8:00-9:00 AM
      • Location: Barton Hall


  • Two-Day Sessions (All Parents/Family):
    • Check-in time: 12:00-1:00 PM
    • Location: MUB Granite State Room
  • One Day Sessions(All Parents/Family):
    • Check-in time: 8:00-9:00 AM
    • Location: MUB Granite State Room


  • First-Year Programs Office
  • If you call after hours, leave a message with your name, phone number, and time when you may be reached, and we’ll call you back