Three Strikes Policy

The Three Stikes Policy (Student Code of Conduct Article V, Section F) is intended to provide an effective intervention for students whose pattern of rule violation (academic, conduct, administrative and/or criminal) disrupts their academic, social development or disrupts their community. It is intended to support those students by providing a suspension followed by resumption of their academic course of study provided they are able to be of good behavior during the period of suspension.

When a student commits three (3) base violations in separate incidents within four (4) calendar years the student commits a violation under the Student Code of Conduct and becomes eligible for a voluntary one (1) semester withdrawal from the University, effective immediately or for an involuntary one (1) semester minimum suspension after notice and hearing, and probation for the remainder of the student’s undergraduate career.

Base violations are as follows:

a. The student has been found or agreed to be "responsible" for a conduct violation under the Student Code of Conduct, where a Level II sanction or greater has been imposed.

b. The student has been found to have committed a violation of the Academic Honesty policy by the student’s Dean.

c. The student has been arrested, charged or convicted of any criminal offense, subject to satisfactory proof as follows:

i. For convictions, diversions, placed on file, nolo contendere: documentary proof of the disposition.

ii.For nolle prosequi charges, withdrawn or dismissed charges a preponderance of evidence, including hearsay evidence, submitted at a hearing demonstrates that the student committed the charged criminal offense or another criminal offense.

iii.A statement by the student’s Dean that the Dean provided notice of the Three Strikes process at time of arrest.


Notice: When a base violation occurs, the student shall receive an oral or written warning that three (3) base violations trigger this rule.

Charges: Community Standards shall cooperate with the Academic Standards and Advising Committee, Durham Police Department and UNH Police department to track base violations. When this rule is triggered the student’s academic dean or ASAC representative shall be the complainant.

Dean’s Certificate: at the time of filing charges, the dean of the responding student’s college shall submit a certificate finding that the base violations establish one or more of the following:

i. A substantial hurdle to future employment or professional study;

ii. Disruption to the community;

iii. Threat of harm to self or others.

Dean’s meeting: after preparing the report of violation under this rule the Dean shall meet with the student and explain this rule and the procedures under the rule, providing the student with an option to take a voluntary withdrawal and 24 hours in which to elect to accept the withdrawal or to request a hearing.

Hearing: a student charged with a three strikes violation shall have the right to hearing and review under the provisions of the Student Code of Conduct.

Refund of tuition and fees: Students found responsible under the Student Code of Conduct for violation of the Three Strikes Policy shall be treated as having withdrawn on the hearing date.

Readmission: Students found responsible under the Student Code of Conduct for violation of the Three Strikes Policy may apply for readmission to the University, subject to approval by the academic dean.