Resource Description
Sanctions Overview Sanctions are disciplinary consequences imposed on students who have been found responsible for the Student Code violations. 
Sanction Guidelines This document provides students with information about the potential consequences of their behavior and about what to expect from the conduct system.
Reflection/Engagement Program (REP) REP is a sanction that can be assigned for violating the Studen Code. REP offers students an opportunity to reflect on the incident they were involved in, while working with our staff to ensure they remain on a path to personal, academic, and professional success.
Mass Gatherings The University has gone to great lengths to work with and educate students on the dangers of committing misconduct while at a mass gathering. As part of that effort, the University wants to make it clear to students what the consequences of such misconduct will be.
ASAC and Suspensions As outlined in the Students’ Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities, if a student is involved in a combination of multiple conduct violations and/or arrests the Associate Dean of their college may bring formal conduct charges forward and recommend at least a semester suspension from the University.