In the preliminary meeting or the formal conduct hearing, you will have the opportunity to discuss and recommend the sanctions that you think are appropriate. Well thought out and meaningful sanction recommendations will receive more consideration than ones that are just thought up on the spot. Utilize the Sanction Guidelines to find the typical sanctions for the violations for which you have been charged.  

Below are some resources about the different sanctions that are imposed on students. Read through this information and speak with your student advisor about the sanctions that are appropriate for your situation.

Some things to keep in mind if you are recommending or imposing sanctions:

  • Explain your rationale as to why a sanction is the most appropriate for the situation.
    • Outline why this sanction is most appropriate given the circumstances.
  • Give due dates/deadlines for the sanction.
  • Outline any other parameters/guidelines for how the sanction will be applied to this specific situation.

For more information on sanctioning see Article IV of the Student Code.