Rule 17

Rule 17: Campus Demonstrations

Participation in a campus demonstration which disrupts the normal operations of the University and infringes upon the rights of other members of the University community; leading or inciting others to disrupt scheduled and/or normal activities within any campus building or area, or in or around public ways in the town of Durham, failure to disperse when so directed by police or university officials; intentional obstruction which unreasonably interferes with the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, on University premises or at University sponsored or supervised functions, or in or around public ways in the town of Durham.

Typical Behavior Typical Sanctions Level

17. Campus Demonstrations

See Mass Gatherings

[Must consult with OCS]

First Offense:

  • Disciplinary Probation - University Suspension
  • Educational Sanction(s)
  • If Inciting: Suspension - Dismissal

If University Suspension, upon return:

  • Required Interview
  • Disciplinary probation until graduation
  • Educational Sanction(s)
  • Additional follow-up meetings with OCS Administration