Level II Process

Level II sanctions apply to a report of violation where the highest recommended sanction has a moderate impact on the responding student’s access to academic and social opportunities. Probation is an example of a Level II sanction. Other Level II sanctions are:

  • Fines
  • Health Education Program
  • Anger Management Program
  • Restitution
  • Loss of Privileges - Other
  • Loss of Privileges - Prohibition from Personal Contact
  • Loss of Privileges - Banned from Entry

Level II sanctions allow a complainant to require a meeting or a student to request a review of the responsibility decision and the sanction if the student has attended a Preliminary Meeting. The meeting should be scheduled within two school days of the student’s receipt of the Report of Violation. After the Report of Violation is prepared and sent to the student, there are essentially three different possible next steps.

1.If neither the complainant nor the student request a meeting:

  • If the student accepts responsibility for the charge, the student must notify the complaintant and CS by following a link in the Report of Violation that generates an email response. When that occurs, no further action is required.
  • If the student does not agree they must request a meeting with the complaintant within two school days, of receiving the Report of Violation to CS, otherwise responsibility and sanctions are final.  No review of the case is available if the respondent chooses not to meet with the complaintant.


2.If the complainant or respondent asks for a meeting:

  • For students to have the option of a review they must have a prelimnary meeting with the complaintant
  • If the respondent does not agree to the finding of responsibility or the sanction, the respondent may request a review.  The Appeal Form must be submitted to CS within two school days of the prelimnary meeting.
  • The Respondent may not request a review if they do not attend a Preliminary Meeting.


3.If the Student Takes No Action: If the student does not request a meeting with the complaintant dispite their request the responsibility and sanctions are final.

Level II Due Process Flowchart:

Level 2 due process flow chart