Information for Students

Navigating the conduct system can be a challenging experience for students. While accountability is important, our office also places much emphasis on fairness and consistency. If you ever have any questions about the UNH conduct process, please contact us. Below are some resources to help you better understand what to expect.

Resource Description
UNH Conduct Process If you have been documented and are going to be taking part in a formal conduct hearing, take some time to read the information provided about the Conduct Process.
Recommending Conduct Sanctions If you are found to be responsible for charges, you have the opportunity to recommend sanctions to the hearing officer or hearing board.
Terminology If you're unsure about what a certain term means.
Eviction Resources If you have been evicted from housing these are some resources to help you make the transition to off-campus housing.
Three Strikes Policy The policy governing when students receive three violations, of any combination, of the Student Code, criminal arrests, or academic cheating. 
Medical Amnesty The policy regarding amnesty for requesting help for medical emergencies stemming from alcohol use.
FAQs Any other questions?
Student Code A link to the Student Code 

If none of the above resources answers your questions, contact us directly at (603) 862-3377 or email at