Common Forms

Form Description
Alcohol, Other Drugs & Wellness Education Information on the Alcohol, Other Drugs & Wellness Education/Counseling Program by Health & Wellness
Community Service Hours Tracking Sheet The form used for tracking sanctioned community service hours.
Fine Payment The form you utilize when paying a fine sanction.
Individual Complaint Form The form used for a University student or community member (i.e. a staff member, a faculty member, a University employee) to file a complaint against any student for misconduct. (Community Standards staff can assist the community member in filling out the form and guide the member through the process). 
Level II Sanction Appeal Form  Form to request an appeal of a Level II sanction by a Review Officer.
Medical Amnesty Form to request Medical Amnesty (Student Code, Article V. G).   
Release of Information A waiver of privacy rights awarded in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Students must sign this form for CS to speak with parents about the particulars of a student's case. 


Form Description
Eviction Resources  Community resources for students who have been evicted from university housing.
Suspension Resources Digital pamphlets on resources for students that have been suspended from the university.