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Welcome to the University of New Hampshire Community Standards (CS) office.  Here we support the academic mission of UNH by maintaining the general welfare and safety of the University community and preserving a productive living and learning environment.  This is accomplished by our administration of the University of New Hampshire Student Code of Conduct and Conduct Process; the agreed upon community standards established by UNH students, staff, and faculty. 

To achieve these aspirations, the Community Standards office supports and enforces standards of behavior designed to foster an environment of civility and respect where both rights and responsibilities are deeply valued.  CS respects each and every UNH student by protecting their rights and ensuring fairness through the enforcement of University policies and regulations.  CS believes in personal responsibility, accountability, and that your choices matter.

We hope you find our website useful and that it answers all of your questions. If you have problems with the website or suggestions, contact community.standards@unh.edu

Got Questions?

Navigating the conduct system can be a challenging experience for students. While accountability is important, our office also places much emphasis on fairness and consistency. If you ever have any questions about the UNH conduct process, don't hesitate to contact us. Click here to view some of our most commonly asked questions.

reportit! at UNH


reportit! is the place to report and learn about incidents of bias, discrimination and/or harassment.

By submitting a report or learning more about this type of behavior, you help us to improve our campus and community climate.