Spring 2016 OBA Employee Recognition Program Award Recipients

OBA Spring 2016 Employee Recognition Program Recipients
(L-R) Maredith St. Onge, Eddie George, Colette Lepkowski, Taylor Hodgdon, Nate Hastings, Dave Charette, Allison Potter, Blaise Masse  & David May

Campus Community Award

Colette Lepkowski, Dining—“No matter what is on her plate, Colette strives to make everyone on campus feel like they are number one.”


Blaise Masse, Housing—“has worked tirelessly to secure an operating system that will improve communication among Housing, Residential Life, and Dining, and enhance the customer service experience for students, parents and other depts.”

Allison Potter,  Housing—“her hard work and willingness to take on more responsibility over the past 12 months has allowed us to avoid outsourcing the work and saved the department a lot of unnecessary expense.”

Staff Mentorship Award

Dave Charette, Campus Recreation —“his ability to connect with the staff that reports to him is uncanny, and represents OBA’s commitment to professional staff development in the best way possible.”

Student Development Award

Maredith St. Onge,  Dining—“I know Maredith has plenty to do, but she never, ever looks like she doesn’t want to take the time to guide me in the right direction—she really truly cares about my future. She has become my mentor in a way. ”

“Think Differently” Award

Eddie George – Transportation - “Eddie’s commitment to thinking about how we can do things better has had a great impact on operational efficiency.”

Team Award

Nate Hastings - MUB

Taylor Hodgdon - MUB

“The points program that Nate and Taylor developed for the MUB encourages student organizations to be more high-performing groups by giving them structured guidelines, reinforcing positive practices and acknowledging success stories.”