OBA Employee Recognition Program Awards Criteria

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Mentorship Award

Presented to an individual who has consistently and passionately offered experience, tools, and guidance to foster the professional development and career growth of individual team members.


Staff MVP Award

Presented to an individual, whether on the front line or behind the scenes, who has demonstrated a willingness to collaborate with others, displayed commitment to another individual or the team, and continually embraces the concept of working together to achieve a common goal.


Team Award

Presented to the team that has made a significant departmental or organizational impact that improves the quality of the program.

Campus Community Award

Presented to an individual:

  1. Who consistently provides excellent internal customer service (i.e. courtesy, efficiency, accuracy) to support other departments throughout the campus community; OR

  1. Who continually extends excellent service towards students, staff, faculty, and guests of the University.


Student Development Award

Presented to an individual who has shown unwavering commitment to improving the student work experience by providing continuous guidance and motivation, encouraging a learning environment, and inspiring our students to achieve success.


Think Differently

Presented to an individual who shares a unique and creative idea or process that supports the mission of the recruitment and retention of students by enhancing department programming or educational opportunities, increasing operational efficiencies, or reducing  budget expense.