Program Cost

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NSE is an affordable way to spend a semester away!

UNH is a "Plan B/HOME Tuition Plan" member of the National Student Exchange. That means that tuition and mandatory fees are paid to UNH. Room and board are paid to the host campus. Special fees, such as those for labs or orientation programs, are paid to the host campus.

Financial Aid, including loans, grants, and scholarships, continues to be applied for and received from UNH (everything except work-study awards). NSE participants should also continue to list only UNH on their FAFSA.  Applicants are advised to thoroughly research the costs of the campuses they are considering.  Transportation costs are paid by the student.

There is a $150.00 non-refundable application fee, due with the completed application.  NSE accepts credit/debit cards.  Remember an applicant may list up to five schools on one application, without any additional fee.

All outgoing NSE & full-time NHCUC exchange students are charged a $200.00 UNH Exchange Fee (per semester, added to semester's tuition bill).  Other non-mandatory fees are removed.  

Students exchanging to U.S. territories or Canada will also be charged a mandatory UNH travel insurance fee of $150 per semester and are required to register with the UNH travel registry.