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David Burdick and Alysoon Eberhardt
David Burdick, Faculty Advisor
Alyson Eberhardt, NRESS Ph.D. Student

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Welcome! The UNH Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science Ph.D. Program is

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  • Interdisciplinary
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Explore the wide range of Interdisciplinary Research.

Visit the Current Student profiles to discover the passion and enthusiasm of NRESS students engaged in a diverse range of research areas.

Review the list of NRESS Alumni to learn how former NRESS students’ research has addressed a myriad of environmental issues, locally and globally.

Meet the NRESS Faculty to understand the contribution faculty make as NRESS student advisors and committee members.  Find your potential advisor from this extensive list of top research and teaching faculty at UNH.

Applying to NRESS

Students from numerous foreign countries and the U.S. study in a broad range of disciplines, from environmental science and natural resources to earth science, oceanography, atmospheric science, related social sciences and ethical and policy studies. Students with wide ranging traditional and non-traditional backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 

Most applicants enter the program with a master's degree. Applicants who do not have a master’s degree are considered based on academic merit and significant work and/or research experience.

All applicants must identify a potential advisor who will commit to accepting her/him as a doctoral student if the candidate is admitted to the NRESS program.

Application Deadlines

Fall semester: Recommended deadline is May 15.  Final application deadline is August 30.
Spring semester: Recommended deadline is October 15.  Final application deadline is January 30.

To receive priority consideration for financial and advisor support, please submit application by the recommended deadline. Early submissions are encouraged to allow applicants more time to identify a faculty advisor and find funding.  Please check with the UNH Graduate School for Graduate financial aid deadlines.

If assistance is needed in the application process, contact Lynne Cooper, NRESS Program Coordinator, at