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OCTOBER 6, 2017

Allison Leach

Allison Leach - NRESS Ph.D. Student receives research award. Leach and her co-authors were honored for their paper “The Nitrogen Footprint Tool Network: A Multi-Institution Program to Research and Reduce Nitrogen Pollution,” published in the April 2017 issue of Sustainability: The Journal of Record. Leach was a guest editor on that special issue that focused on nitrogen footprints. Read more ....


JULY, 2017

Katherine Inneson

Katherine Ineson - NRESS Ph.D. Student, shares an article -  Hope for Bat Recovery - In her research, Katherine documents the impacts of white-nose syndrome in populations of Little Brown Bats that have survived since the disease began affecting colonies of bats in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts around 2008. Documenting the Effect of White Nose Syndrome on Region’s Bats (Video)

Olivia Bartlett

MAY, 2017
Olivia Bartlett -
NRESS Ph.D. Student, Switzer Fellow
Olivia's dissertation research investigates changes in soil chemistry and forest productivity across the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) in central New Hampshire using field data to validate cutting-edge remote sensing approaches.


MAY, 2017
Allison Leach -
NRESS Ph.D. Student
Allison is a guest editor of a special issue on campus nitrogen footprints for Sustainability: The Journal of Record. The Special Issue has 9 peer-reviewed articles about applying the campus nitrogen footprint tool (which Allison helped develop) at different universities. One of her dissertation chapters is part of the special issue to be be released next week!

Matthew Smith - NRESS Alumni, Research Scientist at UNH
Composting at the UNH Organic Research Dairy Farm - Learn more ....

Ryan Stephens - NRESS Ph.D. Student
UNH Researchers Identify Five New Truffle Species - Read more ....

MARCH, 2017
Abby Carroll -
NRESS Ph.D. Student
Global Warming Will Probably Make Animals Shrink - Read more ....

NRESS Faculty
NRESS Faculty

(L to R)  John Aber, Serita Frey, Scott Ollinger, Stuart Grandy, William McDowell


Excellence in Ecology


UNH Ranks Second Nationally in Ecological Research and Scholarship - Read more ....


Matthew Tarr  -
Extension Associate Professor/NRESS Ph.D. Student
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation awarded $197,982 to Extension Associate Professor Matthew Tarr for the project entitled, "Use of Transmission Line Rights-of-Way and New England Cottontail Clearcuts by Adult and Fledgling Songbirds during the Breeding and Post Breeding Periods." This project will assess the entire bird community using Eversource transmission line rights-of-way and clearcuts created to benefit the New England cottontails to determine how vegetation management and the landscape surrounding these habitats influences use by conservation priority bird species.

Dissertation Fellowships Awarded for the Academic Year 2017-18
Amanda Daly, Cameron McIntire and Ryan Stephens - NRESS Ph.D. Students