Interdisciplinary Research

Chris Whitney
Chris Whitney, NRESS Ph.D. Student


The most appealing feature of the NRESS Ph.D. Program is the option for limitless opportunities to explore ideas and conduct research within a wide range of interdisciplinary areas.  In an effort to examine and increase deeper understanding of environmental and natural resource challenges and solutions at local, regional and global levels, NRESS students engage and interface with faculty and departments within any UNH college or school. )



Amanda Daly
Amanda Daly, NRESS Ph.D. Student

Jess Steketee
Jess Steketee, NRESS Ph.D. Student

In addition to the infinite areas of research in life, physical and earth sciences, students integrate studies in the social sciences of sociology, psychology, and philosophy (College of Liberal Arts), environmental policy and ethics (Carsey School of Public Policy), and economics, social entrepreneurship and sustainability (Paul College of Business and Economics). 


Examples of the growing list of NRESS interdisciplinary research

Agroecology Environmental Education Global Cycling Remote Sensing
Atmospheric Science Environmental Philosophy Hydrology Resource Protection
Biogeochemistry Environmental Policy and Ethics International Policy Issues Sociology
Carbon Modeling Estuarine Ecology Marine Ecology Soil Science
Climate Change, Impacts & Adaptation Fisheries Management Marine Mammal Studies Sustainable Energy
Earth Systems Science Forestry Natural Resources Tropical Ecosystems
Ecosystem-based Management Geology Oceanography Volcanology
Environmental Economics Geophysics Psychology Water Resources Management