Environmental Sciences Seminar Series


Wednesdays, 2:30-3:30 pm - James Hall G46
*Wednesday, September 13 & October 25, 4-6:00pm in Holloway Commons

September 12

A Lengthening Vernal Window: How Vernal Asynchronies in Energy, Water, and Carbon Fluxes Impact Ecosystem Function (flyer)
Drs. Elizabeth Burakowski, Danielle Grogan and Alix Contosta
Three UNH Scientists/NRESS Alumnae
(hosted by Steve Frolking, NRESS Chair)

Microbial _lightened Wednesday
September 19

Spatial Variations in Microbial Processes Controlling Carbon Oxidation Rates in Soils (flyer)
Dr. Marco Keiluweit, Assistant Professor Soils and the Environment, UMass Amherst (hosted by Andrea Jilling, NRESS Ph.D. Student)

September 26

NRESS PhD Students - Research Presentations in Six Minutes or Less!
Experience the interdisciplinary world of the NRESS PhD Program


Arctic Polar Bear Wednesday
October 3

Shifting Carbon Dynamics in the Arctic and Implications for Global Climate (flyer)
Dr. Sue Natali, Associate Scientist, Woods Hole Research Center
(hosted by Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona, NRESS Ph.D. Student)

October 10

Management Challenges for an Endangered Migratory bird in The Bahamas: Kirtland’s Warbler Winter Ecology (flyer)
Dr. Joseph Wunderle, Wildlife Team Leader, Sabana Field Research Station
(hosted by William McDowell, NREN/NRESS Faculty)

Microbial _lightened Wednesday
October 17

Do Mycorrhizal Fungi Increase or Decrease Carbon Stored in Forest Soils? (flyer)
Dr. Christopher Fernandez, Postdoctoral Associate, Univiversity of Minnesota
(hosted by Emily Whalen, NRESS Ph.D. Student)

Microbial _lightened Wednesday
October 24

The Causes and Consequences of Microbial Biomass (flyer)
Dr. Ed Hall, Assistant Professor, Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, Colorado State University
(hosted by Adriana Romero-Olivares NREN Post-doc)

Microbial _lightened Wednesday
October 31

Are Only Macrobes at Risk of Extinction? (flyer)
Dr. Lynne Boddy, Professor of Biosciences, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
(hosted by Mark Anthony, NRESS Ph.D. Student)

Arctic Polar Bear Wednesday
November 7

Preparing for Surprises (flyer)
Dr. Radley Horton, Associate Research Professor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, The Earth Institute, Columbia University
(hosted by Cameron Wake, Jack Dibb, Ruth Varner and Katharine Duderstadt, UNH Faculty)

Arctic Polar Bear Wednesday
November 14

Understanding Terrestrial Arctic Water and Carbon Cycles and the Impacts of Climate Warming (flyer)
Dr. Michael Rawlins, Associate Director of the Climate System Research Center, UMass-Amherst
(hosted by Steve Frolking, NRESS Chair)

November 21

No Seminar - Thanksgiving Break

Arctic Polar Bear Wednesday
November 28

Developing a Climate Adaptation Baseline for Wabanaki Tribal Nations: Diplomacy, Research Methods and Priorities (flyer)
Dr. Darren Ranco, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Coordinator of Native American Research, University of Maine
(hosted by Cameron Wake, Jack Dibb, Ruth Varner and Katharine Duderstadt, UNH Faculty)

Microbial _lightened Seminar Mini Series - This Microbial Life: New Perceptions of our Microbial World
Arctic Polar Bear Seminar Mini-Series - Navigating the New Arctic

The Fall Environmental Sciences Seminar Series is sponsored by Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science (NRESS)Ph.D Program, in partnership with the Earth Systems Research Center, and the Natural Resources and the Environment and Earth Science Departments.
Mini-series "This Microbial Life" and "Navigating the New Arctic" are co-sponsored with the Frey Lab and the UNH Arctic Network, respectively.
Free - All are Welcome (No RSVP necessary)
Questions or special neeeds? nress.phd@unh.edu / 603.862.2227